Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Story

My Son was born on 06/30/2000. That was a great day for us. My son was 6lb and 8 oz, healthy and perfect. My pregnancy was uneventful and went perfect. There was no indication that there was anything wrong with me at all. I had to have a C Section with him due to him being breach. But other than that nothing went wrong. Thank God!! He is 8 years old now and full of energy. He is the light of my life. :)

My husband and I waited before we started trying for our second baby. That is when all my problems started. We tried for a year before we got that positive pregnancy test. We were so very happy and we told everyone I was pregnant and going to have another baby. My son was so excited he kept telling every one his sister was growing in Mommies tummy. He really wants a sister. On 01/02/06 I went to the doctor for my first appointment and my son was so excited. We were there for a sonogram and he was going to get to see the baby. The appointment went fine and we got to see the baby on the sonogram and got pictures and everything. Everything looked fine and the baby had a strong heart beat.

On 01/05/06 I started spotting and I was so worried I got into the car and raced to the hospital. Fear rising from the pit of my tummy. What could be wrong? OMG the baby has to be all right! Please let everything be all right! I was repeating all these things all the way to the hospital. I get to the hospital and get checked in and I inform the nurse of everything that was happening and that I was 11 weeks pregnant. She smiled at me and told me I would be called back soon and sent me back to the waiting area of the hospital. I was freaking out as the time passed in that waiting area. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours later still in the waiting room. I returned to the desk and explained I was pregnant and spotting and I had been waiting for 3 hours. Why was I not being seen immediately. She smiled and told me I would be called next and they were busy with people with the flu. I was screaming in my head "THE FLU!!! THE FLU!!! What about me??? I am PREGNANT and BLEEDING!!!" I was informed since I was still in my first trimester and if I was miscarrying there was nothing they could do but to tell me that was what was happening so please have a seat and wait. I lost it then. I started to cry and could not believe this was happening.

After 4 hours in the waiting room I am called back and put in a room. The doctor comes in and checks my cervix to see if it was closed and it was. He then tells me he is going to order a sonogram and I have to wait more. 2 hours later I was taken to the sono room and the nurse turned the screen away from me to do the sono. She would not let me even look at the monitor. I am freaking out even more and crying. By this time my head feels like it is going to explode. I ask her about the sonogram and she tells me with a smile that the doctor will look at the results and come to my room and discuss it with me. She is not allowed to discuss what she sees in the sonograms. The aid comes in and takes me back to the room they had me in and the waiting continues. After waiting 2 more hours the doctor comes in and tells me "Your baby has died in the womb. You can confirm this with your OBGYN when you see her." Just like that!! Word for word!! I was shocked and completely floored by this. Why tell me this way? Why not tell me with some feeling and kindness!! I had never been treated so bad by a doctor in my life and at the worst possible time. I drove home, crying the whole way.

I got home and curled up in a ball on the bed beside my husband. He asked what was the matter and I told him I lost the baby. He was shocked and got up and called my OBGYN and she wanted to see me as soon as the office opened. I dragged myself into her office were I was happy not even a week earlier and waited to see her. She confirmed the baby did not have a heart beat any longer. Our worst fear had happened. We scheduled a D&C for one week from that day.

On 1-7-06 the bleeding got worse and the pain was like no other I had ever felt in my life. I collapsed on the hall floor from the pain and my husband called 911. I was taken by ambulance to the hospital for an emergency D&C. One of the other OBGYN's from my doctors office was at the hospital and did the D&C.

A month after the D&C I was experiencing pain and went to the hospital. They thought my appendix was rupturing. They got me back within 30 minutes of getting there (not the same hospital I went to before). After checking me out, they said it was not my appendix at all. It was a large cyst in my ovaries that was rupturing. That was what was causing the pain. After this happened I was checked by my OB and told I had PCOS. She wanted to check for endometriosis as well. She told me this was done through laparoscopy. I scheduled the laparoscopy.

On 02/09/2006 I had the laparoscopy done and endometriosis was found. My OB removed all she could but could not get it all. I was told after the surgery that was why I was having so many problems with my periods each month. I was told the first miscarriage was nothing to worry about and to try again. She was sure I would be fine.

On 12/29/2006 after not ovulating for a year I got a positive pregnancy test. I called my OB and she wanted to see me on 01/17/07. I was very nervous and excited all at the same time.

On 01/17/2007 I went in to see my OBGYN and she did a sonogram I was 9 weeks pregnant. But to our heartache there was no heart beat. The baby looked perfect but there was no little heart beat. I closed my eyes and started to cry. It had happened to us again. My husband and my OBGYN cried with me. It was another very sad day for us. We waited a week and did another sonogram on 01/24/07 to see if my notes were wrong on my last cycle date. I knew they were right but I prayed they were wrong. The dates were not wrong, there was still no heart beat. We scheduled the D&C and had it done on 01/29/2007.

01/19/2009 marked my 3rd miscarriage. This one was only 5 weeks and I went through a natural miscarriage with this last pregnancy. Now the testing starts to see why we have been experiencing all these problems. I had a bucket of blood taken for testing and it was found that I have MTHFR. One copy of the C677T mutation and one of the A1298C mutation. But my homocystine levels are normal. It was also found that I have a high plasminogen act inhibitor-1. I was sent to see a specialist that told me I was in the wrong place and I needed a endocranologist instead. So now I am checking with my insurance to get an appointment with one of those.

After everything I have gone through I am still not being treated for my PCOS and now I have two more to add to the list. I will update as I receive more information and share what I am doing about my conditions here. I will be adding more every day as I find things out and as things happen. Pray for me and my family and send baby dust our way.

More to come.


mrsmoore08 said...

Jennifer, I just found your blog and your story hits close to home. I also have MTHFR with multiple miscarriages. I'll be praying for you and your family.

S said...

Jennifer~I know the pain is so bad. I also have MTHFR. After a miscarriage with D&C, and 2 more very early (chemical) miscarriages, I was finally blessed with my sweet baby girl in November of 2008. Please know that I am pulling for you 100%.