Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cycle Day 14

Well today is cycle day 14. Today I have had some cramping like a cyst rupturing again. This time in the right side. The last one was in the left side. So it has been one of those yucky days. I have not felt like doing anything today. I need to get out of this funk I am in. This week has just dragged by and Friday is almost here thank God. June 15th I get to see Doc. H and I am feeling like it is never going to get here. I hate to wait. LOL

I want to do so many things but just can not get motivated to do anything. I hate days like this.
On another note:
Yesterday was my friend Gary's Birth Day!!
Happy Birthday Gary :)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Show and Tell - A Little About Doc. H

Meet Dr. H. :)

Dr. H was raised in Arizona and graduated in 1984 from the University of Arizona with a degree in biology. He attended medical school at the University of Kansas and obtained his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree in 1988. Following medical school, Dr. H completed his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) at the University of Kansas in 1992.

During his time as a resident physician, Dr. H became interested in infertility medicine and decided to continue his studies with a fellowship in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (REI). Over the next three years, Dr. H studied at the John Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1994, he became the co-director of Assisted Reproductive Technologies at John Hopkins. He served in this capacity until returning to Arizona to begin a private practice specializing in REI. He opened the R.H.C. in the fall of 1995.

In addition to serving as fertility specialist at his clinic, Dr. H is also a Clinical Assistant Professor of OB/GYN at the University of Arizona College of Medicine and serves as the director of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, overseeing the Embryology and Andrology Laboratories and the Assisted Reproductive Technologies Program. He lectures and teaches frequently on various topics related to reproductive endocrinology, has extensive research experience, and has published articles on infertility treatment.

Dr. H takes his time with patients, as he enjoys patient interaction and assisting couples in achieving resolution of their problems. He is kind and good-hearted, and will readily admit that he worries excessively about his patients.

So what do you think ladies??? Does Doc. H seem like a good choice for me?? :) I am excited to get in to see him and get this ball rolling.

I did get my blood work back and my FSH is 6.3 and my LH is 7.6 I also got the results from my DHEA and it is 603. I am having D (the bad OB) send me the results in the mail. So I have them for my appointment with Doc. H. Of course D tells me the results are not clear for PCOS. But according to my research having higher LH than FSH on cycle day 5 is another indicator of PCOS. I will be going over everything with Doc. H and see what he tells me. :) Sorry I have been such a bad blogger the past few days but I have been so negative that I did not want to bring anyone down.

My Show and Tell this week is introducing Doc. H
Go check out what the rest of the class is sharing for Show and Tell!

Friday, April 24, 2009

So long to crappy D

So long to crappy D is right!!
D (my OBGYN no more) has given me nothing but trouble. I got to thinking and looking back at my posts why did I not ditch her sooner??? All the signs were there in front of me but I did not see them!
Lets take a look back......

1st visit:
D = "Sorry about your miscarriage. I am sure it is nothing to worry about."
Me = "This is my third miscarriage!! I am sure it is something. I have PCOS and Endometriosis as well."
D = "Oh your third? Well there must be a problem."
Me = "What are we going to do to find out what is wrong?"
D = "I am ordering blood work for you and you need to go to the lab for a blood draw."
Me = "OK so we are going to find out what is going on then? Will you treat me for my PCOS as well."
D = "Oh yes the PCOS. I will be getting you a script for that."
Me = "GREAT"
D = "Go have the blood work done first tho."
Me = "I will go to the lab now."

2nd encounter with D:
Me = "Hello"
D = "Hello Jennifer. I got the results of your blood work."
Me = "Good"
D = "your HCG levels dropped so it was your third miscarriage."
Me = "Yes I know. But what do we do now?"
D = "You need to come in for another blood draw in 1 week."
Me: "OK just tell me the day and I will be there."
D = " In one week the Lab will have your paper work. Just go to the lab and have the draw."
Me = "OK will do."

3rd item with D:
Me: "I am hear for the blood work for D."
Lab = "I do not seem to have your paper work."
Me = "D told me it would be here."
Lab = "Jennifer let me go check with D about what you are getting blood work for."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "OK we are checking your HCG again."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "All done! D will call you tomorrow with the results."
Me = "OK"

4th encounter with D:
Clinic = "Hello"
Me = "I am calling for Doc. D she did not call me yesterday with the results of my blood work like I was told."
Clinic = "Please hold."
D's nurse = "Jennifer sorry D did not call you. Your HCG is now at 0 so yes it was a natural miscarriage this time and no D&C is needed."
Me = "I am glad I do not have to have another D&C."
D's nurse = "Come back in 6 weeks for a bunch of tests (blood work) so we can see what is causing this."
Me = "Will the lab have my paper work this time?"
D's nurse = "Oh Yes! They will get it a week before so we know they have it."
Me = "OK I will be there."

5th item with D:
Me = "Hello, I am here for blood work for D."
Lab = "your name please."
Me = "Jennifer"
Lab = "Are you sure you are to get blood work today."
Me = "Yes I am suppose to have a complete panel for recurrent miscarriages."
Lab = "Let me check with D."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "OK I have your paper work now."
Me = "About time."
Lab = "So you have had 2 pregnancies right?"
Me = "NO, I have had 4 pregnancies and one resulted in my son. I have had three miscarriages."
Lab = "OH, OK we are taking 12 vials of blood today."
Me = "12???"
Lab = "Yep"
Me = "OK"
Lab = "All done."
Me = "when will the results be back?"
Lab = "D will call Monday with the results."
Me = "OK"

6th thing with D:
Clinic = "Hello"
Me = "I need to speak to D about my test results."
Clinic = "Please hold"
Me = "OK"
Clinic = "D is not available I will put you in the answering system so you can leave her a message."
Me = "OK"
Me = "I am leaving a message for D. She has not called me with the results of my blood work yet. Please call me back"

7th thing with D:
Left another message

Left another message.

9th thing with D:
D = "Jennifer you need to see an endo you have MTHFR."
Me = "I have what??"
D = "MTHFR I am sending you a copy of your blood work. Go see Endo and he can treat the MTHFR"
Me = "OK when do I go see him?"
D = "In 2 weeks I will get you an appointment."
Me = "OK"

D = "I got you an appointment for this Tuesday."
Me = "WOW that quick?"
D = "Yea I was surprised he could see you that fast."

Endo = "I only see people that are 20 weeks pregnant and over. I do not see any one before 20 weeks."
Me = "OK did you look at my blood work?"
Endo = "YES, I do not even know what this plasminogen act inhibitor-1 is. But it is high so there is an issue there. You need to see an infertility specialist or a RE."
Me = "here is my research from the Internet on it."
(handed the paper work to him)
Endo = " Well..... I see .... Yes ..... You have a hormone deficiency and this needs to be treated. You are on the right track here. Yes .... Yes you are. I will tell D who you need to see so she can get you over with the right doctor."
Me = "I paid a $25 co pay for that?"
Endo = "You paid a co pay?
Me = "YES"
Endo = "Go up front and get a refund."
Me = "Thank you"

D = "I do not like what the Endo told you. I will check with a friend of mine that is a better Endo."
Me = "OK"

The visit from hell!!!!
D does not know how to prescribe MTHFR meds. She does not know how to do hormone therapy. She is just a BAD OB!!

Got to get in to see the best RE in the state "H". I have my appointment and I am on the waiting list to get in sooner. So looking back I should have ditched her long ago. You live and learn and then learn some more. LOL

Hello wonderful "H"

So that is my rambling for this early morning. HEHEHEHE I could not sleep. :)
Sorry it is so long :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the Phone

I was on the phone for most of today with the insurance company. During my call I spoke to B. I explained everything that happened and B started searching in her provider computer for a doctor that could help me. B was super sweet and sounded like she really understood my troubles. She made me feel better and gave me hope. I think it was just having someone that would listen to me and tell me she was going to find someone to help me. B then told me she saw something. I asked what and she told me the doctor that I had been seeing for years before she opened her own practice (the doc that delivered my son) and now does not take my insurance. Well her husband takes my insurance and I have open network. She explained that means I can go see him without a referral. I was like REALLY!!! He is like the best infertility specialist in the state!!!! B got excited and told me yes that is the one!! I was bouncing in my chair with excitement. There is hope for me!!!! B told me CALL HIM and get in to see him. He is listed as infertility only and normally the insurance does not cover infertility but covers him!! I was like REALLY!! She then told me YES the insurance will pay for him to treat you!!! More excitement!!! I thanked her again and again for her help. and got off the phone to make the call to the infertility specialist!!!

The call:

I explained all my problems and what had happened at the OB's office and his nurse told me that sounds like that OB (we will call her D) (we will call the infertility specialist H) I was seeing. I said really and I thought I was the only one she did that to!! We will call the nurse N. Well then N told me I need to be on the folgard and not to pick up the prometriam H will have me taking something better. N continued to tell me I can get in to see H on June 15th but there is a cancellation list she calls everyday. She asked would I like to be on that list. I told her YES please. So she added me to the list and explained I could get in at anytime before my appointment to see H. All I have to do is answer the phone when they call!!! I was like I will have my phone on all the time and with me so I can get the call. She gave me loads of hope and I got off the phone smiling from ear to ear.

I picked up the prescription for the folgard and started taking it and can not wait to get the call to get into see H sooner. I called my Mom and told her everything and she was excited as well!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Appointment with my OBGYN

I went to the appointment to see my OBGYN today. I am so pissed off and I will not be seeing her again!! OK OK here goes.... I get to my appointment at 1:45 pm and I am told the doctor is running 20 min behind. That did not bother me at all so I signed in and sat down to wait. After 20 minutes had passed she announced the doctor was running 1 hour behind. I had waited all this time for that appointment I was not about to leave so I waited more. After being in the waiting room for 1 and 1/2 hours my name was called. I got up went and had the nurse take my blood pressure. After that I get to a room were I waited about 30 more minutes. This did not upset me I know there is a long wait when I go in there and was expecting it. When the doctor came in that is when I started getting mad.

She comes in and starts by telling me that she does not know enough about MTHFR to treat me. I was like then why did you not tell me this on the phone? Why did I have to come in to hear this!! She tells me that during pregnancy I will need heperin shots for the MTHFR and only need baby aspirin as well. I was like WTF!!! I asked her about the PCOS and she tells me it is mentioned in my chart but the blood work is missing. She tells me I need to have blood work to back up the PCOS diagnosis in my records. So I am like well take the blood work then!! She agreed to have the lab draw the blood. I asked her about the MTHFR and she told me it only effects when you are trying to conceive and I explained it is a blood clotting disorder and started listing off the things it causes if not treated. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. She was clueless!! She told me I was too high risk for her and if I did get pregnant that she would not treat me. She told me I needed to go to a gene specialist and a high risk clinic. I explained about the Plasminogen Act Inhibitor-1 being high is a lack of progesterone. Then asked if she was going to do anything with the hormone therapy and the vitamins I need for the MTHFR. She looked at me and said "What do you want me to do?" I looked at her and said I need folgard or folate for the MTHFR and I will need hormone therapy for the plasminogen act inhibitor-1. She pulled out a prescription pad and told me "I have never written a scrip for folgard I will have to look it up and for the progesterone I will write it for prometriam." I asked how should I take it and would she be checking my levels to make sure I am getting the right amount? She then told me "I do not know (shrugging her shoulders) you need 100 mg twice a day." I asked on what days do I need to do this and what about monitoring my levels? She looked at me and said "Take it when you want. I will not be treating you anyway." I was like no you will not be!!!

She got mad because I knew more about my conditions than she did and that I was not afraid to ask her questions about it and make sure I was getting the right treatment. If you take to much progesterone on the wrong days it will throw you into early menopause. Who wants that?? I sure as hell do not want that to happen!! I am pissed off so bad. I got my blood drawn and told the lab I want the results sent to me by mail and a phone call of the results as well. So this will take 5 days to get them. I will be on the phone tomorrow with the insurance and changing doctors that is for sure!! Another set back for me and I am getting really frustrated by all the run around.

All the $25.00 co pays to see the doctors over the last 3 years adds up!!! I am just really upset and this is my fussing session. for today. Right now I am out of hope!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cycle Day 3 is here...

Well today is cycle day 3. Tuesday I go to see my doc so I am excited about that. I get to pick up my prescriptions then as well. YAY!!! I am so looking forward to having my issues treated so we can get prego and stay that way with a healthy baby :) Having a 35 day cycle is so very frustrating!! I am so looking forward to not having this problem any longer.

I am going to be taking new pictures of me and my Boober. As soon as I do I will post them with what we were doing in the pics. I told Boober about the show and tell and he wants to play too. So I will try my hardest to get a show and tell post up for everyone by Monday :) With the appointment coming up I have not been able to think of anything else.

Super hugs to everyone!!!
May God Bless and Keep you :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cycle Day 35

Well today is cycle day 35. I am not sure what to think this cycle. I think I Oed and that is a big thing for me. Since I do not O like I should be. If AF has not started by Tuesday I am going to be talking to my OB at my appointment. I do not want to get excited or anything and I do not think I am preg. So I will wait. I hate how messed up my cycles are.

Today I am going to spend the day with a friend and just try to have a good time. Keep my mind off my troubles. LOL

On another note.... I got a spam comment on my blog. I love comments but I hate spam. I was like wow!! I deleted it but it was a comment about "Come buy viagra"!!!! Like WTF!! We do not need this stuff!!! HAHAHA We are trying to get pregnant not having a problem with a limp noodle. It made me laugh and I thought I would share. I hope it made you laugh as well. :) :) :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Little Update!!

Talked to my OBGYN's nurse yesterday. She told me since she was not able to call me back on Friday (like she told me she was going to and never did) the spots for today (Tuesday) are all full. BUMMER!!! So she made the appointment for 1:45 pm on the 21st. I was like OOOOKKKKKK!!! At least I have an appointment now! If I have to lock my doc in that room with me on the 21st I am going to get a plan in motion and get ALL my questions answered. LOL

Today I am going to spend the day with Boober and Hubby. We have some errands to run and then off to the park for Boober to play. :) He loves going to the park!! I will read a book to keep my mind off the appointment that I did not get for today and try not to focus on the appointment next week till it gets closer. Easier said than done I know. Hehehe

Today marks cycle day 34 with a BFN on PT. :( I hate having cycles that are sooooo out of whack. My cycles run from 32 to 38 days in length. Hormones are all messed up as well. I am going to be pushing the issue at the appointment. I even typed up my complete medical history that I will print out and present to my OB when I go in to see her. She does not want to send me to a RE even tho she knows all my issues. This is a down in the dumps day for me!! I need to look into Boober's eyes and give him a big hug so I can find my smile again.

This is my Boober :) He looks so cute when he first wakes up. LOL I am going to be getting the newer pictures off the camera card soon!!! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!

I am still trying to get with the Doc for that appointment on Tuesday. I hope to get in to see her. I am so tired of waiting for a plan.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally got to talk to my Doc...

This picture is one of our Arizona sunsets. As crazy as I feel right now looking at this picture calms me a little bit. My hubby took this picture for me. It is a really pretty one and I wanted to share!!

Well I finally got in touch with my Doc. Since we have been playing catch me if you can she wants me to come into the office to talk with her on Tuesday. So we were making the appointment and she had to go. She told me she was going to call me right back and she did not call back. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! So now I have to wait until Monday to try to get that appointment for Tuesday. This is my luck!! I am so dang frustrated and just plain mad that nothing is getting done. I NEED A PLAN and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY TREATMENT IS GOING TO BE!! Super frustration making its way to the surface.

She did tell me on the phone that she wants me to continue the LD (low dose) aspirin and she wants to put me on Heparin. That is a start but I will not know anything until the appointment. She wants to talk to me more about my PCOS diagnosis during the appointment. I am just praying that she finally treats me for the PCOS as well.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Call Yet!!!!


Still no phone call!! Can you believe this. Tell someone you are going to call and then you are waited on you for days. Now the week is over and you never called!! I am so frustrated right now!!

Not knowing what the plan is SUCKS!! Being told you will be called and never hearing from them SUCKS!!

My OB was suppose to call me this week and let me know what we are to do for my treatment. I waited all week for that call and it never came. I am not in a good place today. I sit here and wonder if I will ever be able to carry another baby to term?? Will my doctors finally listen to me?? Will I go crazy before I have an answer?? I am not sure but I do know I am frustrated.

I need to talk to my OB to ask about clomid, progesterone supplements, and folate or folguard. I have so many questions about my treatment that are not getting answered. I am going to be calling her office on Monday so I can try to get some answers for myself.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Still Waiting for that call!!


Well here I sit waiting by the phone to find out what the OB has to tell me. I soooooo hate to wait!! Last weekend Boober and I went to a movie with a friend of mine so I got out of the house for a little while at least. Facing people that want to know when and if you are going to have another baby is starting to get to me. Lucky me my friend that I went to the movies with knows what is going on. So getting out with him is refreshing. :) Hubby was off Monday and Tuesday so I spent those days with him and Boober.

I did have a cyst rupture yesterday and let me tell you OUCH!! I had a terrible pain in my tummy all day. It was the same pain I felt the time when the hospital thought my appendix was rupturing so I knew what it was this time. I have had several that way since that trip to the ER. The trip to the ER was the worst one I had ever had so I was not sure what was wrong that time. Sucks to have such pain and not be able to do anything about it. It has become the norm for me unfortunately tho. At least now when it happens I know what it is. Not sure why, but knowing makes it a little easier.

I will wait and hope I get that call today. I hope to have an update about what my treatment is going to be soon.