Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Appointment with my OBGYN

I went to the appointment to see my OBGYN today. I am so pissed off and I will not be seeing her again!! OK OK here goes.... I get to my appointment at 1:45 pm and I am told the doctor is running 20 min behind. That did not bother me at all so I signed in and sat down to wait. After 20 minutes had passed she announced the doctor was running 1 hour behind. I had waited all this time for that appointment I was not about to leave so I waited more. After being in the waiting room for 1 and 1/2 hours my name was called. I got up went and had the nurse take my blood pressure. After that I get to a room were I waited about 30 more minutes. This did not upset me I know there is a long wait when I go in there and was expecting it. When the doctor came in that is when I started getting mad.

She comes in and starts by telling me that she does not know enough about MTHFR to treat me. I was like then why did you not tell me this on the phone? Why did I have to come in to hear this!! She tells me that during pregnancy I will need heperin shots for the MTHFR and only need baby aspirin as well. I was like WTF!!! I asked her about the PCOS and she tells me it is mentioned in my chart but the blood work is missing. She tells me I need to have blood work to back up the PCOS diagnosis in my records. So I am like well take the blood work then!! She agreed to have the lab draw the blood. I asked her about the MTHFR and she told me it only effects when you are trying to conceive and I explained it is a blood clotting disorder and started listing off the things it causes if not treated. She looked at me like I had 3 heads. She was clueless!! She told me I was too high risk for her and if I did get pregnant that she would not treat me. She told me I needed to go to a gene specialist and a high risk clinic. I explained about the Plasminogen Act Inhibitor-1 being high is a lack of progesterone. Then asked if she was going to do anything with the hormone therapy and the vitamins I need for the MTHFR. She looked at me and said "What do you want me to do?" I looked at her and said I need folgard or folate for the MTHFR and I will need hormone therapy for the plasminogen act inhibitor-1. She pulled out a prescription pad and told me "I have never written a scrip for folgard I will have to look it up and for the progesterone I will write it for prometriam." I asked how should I take it and would she be checking my levels to make sure I am getting the right amount? She then told me "I do not know (shrugging her shoulders) you need 100 mg twice a day." I asked on what days do I need to do this and what about monitoring my levels? She looked at me and said "Take it when you want. I will not be treating you anyway." I was like no you will not be!!!

She got mad because I knew more about my conditions than she did and that I was not afraid to ask her questions about it and make sure I was getting the right treatment. If you take to much progesterone on the wrong days it will throw you into early menopause. Who wants that?? I sure as hell do not want that to happen!! I am pissed off so bad. I got my blood drawn and told the lab I want the results sent to me by mail and a phone call of the results as well. So this will take 5 days to get them. I will be on the phone tomorrow with the insurance and changing doctors that is for sure!! Another set back for me and I am getting really frustrated by all the run around.

All the $25.00 co pays to see the doctors over the last 3 years adds up!!! I am just really upset and this is my fussing session. for today. Right now I am out of hope!!!

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