Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cycle Day 35

Well today is cycle day 35. I am not sure what to think this cycle. I think I Oed and that is a big thing for me. Since I do not O like I should be. If AF has not started by Tuesday I am going to be talking to my OB at my appointment. I do not want to get excited or anything and I do not think I am preg. So I will wait. I hate how messed up my cycles are.

Today I am going to spend the day with a friend and just try to have a good time. Keep my mind off my troubles. LOL

On another note.... I got a spam comment on my blog. I love comments but I hate spam. I was like wow!! I deleted it but it was a comment about "Come buy viagra"!!!! Like WTF!! We do not need this stuff!!! HAHAHA We are trying to get pregnant not having a problem with a limp noodle. It made me laugh and I thought I would share. I hope it made you laugh as well. :) :) :)


Mary said...

Thanks for the information Jennifer! I really don't get why my RE would say I DON'T need heprin shots since I have hetero. Especially since I have had 3 losses. I think I just lost faith in her.
At what point do you start the shots? The day you get a positive test?

Thank you so, so, very much.

UnicornMommy said...

spam yuck!

hmm...let me know what your OB says.

Ella said...

Hi Jennifer -- I found your blog through 'A Hopeful Unicorn'. We seem to have similar stories (unfortunately).

I also have MTHFT, but am homozygous. My homocysteine levels have always been normal (both in pregnancy and not), so my peri has always said that Lovenox was unnecessary. I am on a LD aspirin, 4mg Folic Acid and the same B6/B12 dosage as you are. I have also had three miscarriages, all at very early stages. Happily, I am now 11 weeks pregnant with what appears to be a healthy baby, heartbeat and all.

I've come across a great deal of mixed information about whether a person with the MTHFR mutation BUT with normal homocysteine levels should be on Lovenox or not... it is so confusing! I read on your blog that you have normal homocysteine levels... can I ask if your doctor is going to have you on Lovenox when you are pg? I'm meeting with another peri soon to discuss this and see what he thinks (3rd opinion!), but in the past I've met with two separate peris who both said the same thing: if homocysteine levels are normal, there is no reason for Lovenox. In fact, both these docs ONLY test homocysteine levels, they don't test to see if a woman has the MTHFR mutation.

Thanks for letting me ramble on! Any input/advice would be greatly appreciated, I'm just trying to learn as much as possible so I can hopefully bring home this little one safely in November.

I hope your struggle ends soon with a healthy baby. Your son is a cutie, btw!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I also hate dealing with irregular cycles due to my pcos.. I especially don't like it right now when its messing up and I'm headed for IVF NEXT MONTH!!! sorry for the rant I feel you pain on this:)


ps. the "Come buy viagra" comment cracked me up too

twondra said...

Love the spam. :) I needed a laugh. Thanks for sharing!!