Friday, April 24, 2009

So long to crappy D

So long to crappy D is right!!
D (my OBGYN no more) has given me nothing but trouble. I got to thinking and looking back at my posts why did I not ditch her sooner??? All the signs were there in front of me but I did not see them!
Lets take a look back......

1st visit:
D = "Sorry about your miscarriage. I am sure it is nothing to worry about."
Me = "This is my third miscarriage!! I am sure it is something. I have PCOS and Endometriosis as well."
D = "Oh your third? Well there must be a problem."
Me = "What are we going to do to find out what is wrong?"
D = "I am ordering blood work for you and you need to go to the lab for a blood draw."
Me = "OK so we are going to find out what is going on then? Will you treat me for my PCOS as well."
D = "Oh yes the PCOS. I will be getting you a script for that."
Me = "GREAT"
D = "Go have the blood work done first tho."
Me = "I will go to the lab now."

2nd encounter with D:
Me = "Hello"
D = "Hello Jennifer. I got the results of your blood work."
Me = "Good"
D = "your HCG levels dropped so it was your third miscarriage."
Me = "Yes I know. But what do we do now?"
D = "You need to come in for another blood draw in 1 week."
Me: "OK just tell me the day and I will be there."
D = " In one week the Lab will have your paper work. Just go to the lab and have the draw."
Me = "OK will do."

3rd item with D:
Me: "I am hear for the blood work for D."
Lab = "I do not seem to have your paper work."
Me = "D told me it would be here."
Lab = "Jennifer let me go check with D about what you are getting blood work for."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "OK we are checking your HCG again."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "All done! D will call you tomorrow with the results."
Me = "OK"

4th encounter with D:
Clinic = "Hello"
Me = "I am calling for Doc. D she did not call me yesterday with the results of my blood work like I was told."
Clinic = "Please hold."
D's nurse = "Jennifer sorry D did not call you. Your HCG is now at 0 so yes it was a natural miscarriage this time and no D&C is needed."
Me = "I am glad I do not have to have another D&C."
D's nurse = "Come back in 6 weeks for a bunch of tests (blood work) so we can see what is causing this."
Me = "Will the lab have my paper work this time?"
D's nurse = "Oh Yes! They will get it a week before so we know they have it."
Me = "OK I will be there."

5th item with D:
Me = "Hello, I am here for blood work for D."
Lab = "your name please."
Me = "Jennifer"
Lab = "Are you sure you are to get blood work today."
Me = "Yes I am suppose to have a complete panel for recurrent miscarriages."
Lab = "Let me check with D."
Me = "OK"
Lab = "OK I have your paper work now."
Me = "About time."
Lab = "So you have had 2 pregnancies right?"
Me = "NO, I have had 4 pregnancies and one resulted in my son. I have had three miscarriages."
Lab = "OH, OK we are taking 12 vials of blood today."
Me = "12???"
Lab = "Yep"
Me = "OK"
Lab = "All done."
Me = "when will the results be back?"
Lab = "D will call Monday with the results."
Me = "OK"

6th thing with D:
Clinic = "Hello"
Me = "I need to speak to D about my test results."
Clinic = "Please hold"
Me = "OK"
Clinic = "D is not available I will put you in the answering system so you can leave her a message."
Me = "OK"
Me = "I am leaving a message for D. She has not called me with the results of my blood work yet. Please call me back"

7th thing with D:
Left another message

Left another message.

9th thing with D:
D = "Jennifer you need to see an endo you have MTHFR."
Me = "I have what??"
D = "MTHFR I am sending you a copy of your blood work. Go see Endo and he can treat the MTHFR"
Me = "OK when do I go see him?"
D = "In 2 weeks I will get you an appointment."
Me = "OK"

D = "I got you an appointment for this Tuesday."
Me = "WOW that quick?"
D = "Yea I was surprised he could see you that fast."

Endo = "I only see people that are 20 weeks pregnant and over. I do not see any one before 20 weeks."
Me = "OK did you look at my blood work?"
Endo = "YES, I do not even know what this plasminogen act inhibitor-1 is. But it is high so there is an issue there. You need to see an infertility specialist or a RE."
Me = "here is my research from the Internet on it."
(handed the paper work to him)
Endo = " Well..... I see .... Yes ..... You have a hormone deficiency and this needs to be treated. You are on the right track here. Yes .... Yes you are. I will tell D who you need to see so she can get you over with the right doctor."
Me = "I paid a $25 co pay for that?"
Endo = "You paid a co pay?
Me = "YES"
Endo = "Go up front and get a refund."
Me = "Thank you"

D = "I do not like what the Endo told you. I will check with a friend of mine that is a better Endo."
Me = "OK"

The visit from hell!!!!
D does not know how to prescribe MTHFR meds. She does not know how to do hormone therapy. She is just a BAD OB!!

Got to get in to see the best RE in the state "H". I have my appointment and I am on the waiting list to get in sooner. So looking back I should have ditched her long ago. You live and learn and then learn some more. LOL

Hello wonderful "H"

So that is my rambling for this early morning. HEHEHEHE I could not sleep. :)
Sorry it is so long :)


UnicornMommy said...


although probably not from your end.

I hope you get what you need from new Re.

when is your appointment?

Jennifer said...

appointment is June 15th but I am on the call list so if there is a person that can not go to there appointment I will get a call to take the appointment. So I am praying I get in sooner :)

Mommy of a miracle said...

Thank you for praying! I will pray for you also.

twondra said...

Unbelievable. Can't believe all you had to got through. I hope you're able to get in sooner. (((HUGS)))

Mommy of a miracle said...

Thank you for the comment, and yes that is exactly how I am feeling!!!

Mary said...

What an idiot. How do these people get their licences? Seriously. It's scary.

Bottoms Off said...

uuggghhh...what a mess. It's strange that we stay so long with bad doctors.

Joy said...

Yikes, that is a nightmare you've been through! So glad you dumped that doctor.

Joy <--via SITS roll call

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