Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally got to talk to my Doc...

This picture is one of our Arizona sunsets. As crazy as I feel right now looking at this picture calms me a little bit. My hubby took this picture for me. It is a really pretty one and I wanted to share!!

Well I finally got in touch with my Doc. Since we have been playing catch me if you can she wants me to come into the office to talk with her on Tuesday. So we were making the appointment and she had to go. She told me she was going to call me right back and she did not call back. DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! So now I have to wait until Monday to try to get that appointment for Tuesday. This is my luck!! I am so dang frustrated and just plain mad that nothing is getting done. I NEED A PLAN and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT MY TREATMENT IS GOING TO BE!! Super frustration making its way to the surface.

She did tell me on the phone that she wants me to continue the LD (low dose) aspirin and she wants to put me on Heparin. That is a start but I will not know anything until the appointment. She wants to talk to me more about my PCOS diagnosis during the appointment. I am just praying that she finally treats me for the PCOS as well.


twondra said...

How frustrating! Wow. I can't stand it when clinics don't call back.

UnicornMommy said...

sometimes you have to tell your dr. what you want. You are paying them. They work for you.

After I had all my testing and were waiting on the results I had a follow up appointment to discuss the results. It was a month away. results were just sitting there.

I was like NO. I want to get in sooner. I was in the next day. You have to wait so much in this process. Shouldnt have to wait for the dr. as well.