Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the Phone

I was on the phone for most of today with the insurance company. During my call I spoke to B. I explained everything that happened and B started searching in her provider computer for a doctor that could help me. B was super sweet and sounded like she really understood my troubles. She made me feel better and gave me hope. I think it was just having someone that would listen to me and tell me she was going to find someone to help me. B then told me she saw something. I asked what and she told me the doctor that I had been seeing for years before she opened her own practice (the doc that delivered my son) and now does not take my insurance. Well her husband takes my insurance and I have open network. She explained that means I can go see him without a referral. I was like REALLY!!! He is like the best infertility specialist in the state!!!! B got excited and told me yes that is the one!! I was bouncing in my chair with excitement. There is hope for me!!!! B told me CALL HIM and get in to see him. He is listed as infertility only and normally the insurance does not cover infertility but covers him!! I was like REALLY!! She then told me YES the insurance will pay for him to treat you!!! More excitement!!! I thanked her again and again for her help. and got off the phone to make the call to the infertility specialist!!!

The call:

I explained all my problems and what had happened at the OB's office and his nurse told me that sounds like that OB (we will call her D) (we will call the infertility specialist H) I was seeing. I said really and I thought I was the only one she did that to!! We will call the nurse N. Well then N told me I need to be on the folgard and not to pick up the prometriam H will have me taking something better. N continued to tell me I can get in to see H on June 15th but there is a cancellation list she calls everyday. She asked would I like to be on that list. I told her YES please. So she added me to the list and explained I could get in at anytime before my appointment to see H. All I have to do is answer the phone when they call!!! I was like I will have my phone on all the time and with me so I can get the call. She gave me loads of hope and I got off the phone smiling from ear to ear.

I picked up the prescription for the folgard and started taking it and can not wait to get the call to get into see H sooner. I called my Mom and told her everything and she was excited as well!!



Stacie said...

Yeah! So long to crappy D and hello to wonderfull H! This is great news! :-)

Mary said...

Thank God! I just read your last post for the first time...what a crappy Dr! I'm so glad that you are out of there.

Sometimes things happen for a reason. Maybe you'll get extra lucky and there will be a cancellation soon.

How in the hell can an OB not know anything about mthfr?