Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 Tips for Facing Infertility

1. Keep reminding yourself that you are not alone.
2. Realize that dealing with infertility is an all-consuming process.
3. Stay calm.
4. Remind yourself you are not a failure if a procedure doesn't work.
5. Have a since of humor about this - even if it doesn't seem at all funny right now.
6. Do your research. Then do some more.
7. Listen to your body and your inner self. If you really listen, you'll learn those two are rarely wrong.
8. Don't rule anything out - from antibiotics to acupuncture and from yoga headstands to standing on your head during sex.
9. Find the right doctor.
10. Don't get angry at your partner for not nurturing you - he is hurting and confused, too.

Some of these made me laugh. But I can see the point in each one. I got this from a book I read about infertility and thought I would share.


twondra said...

Oh, I love them! And very true! Thanks for sharing!!

JJ said...

Good list...we should all add a few of our own to that list-since there is quite a few for keeping our chins up!

Tammy said...

My heart goes out to those who have trouble conceiving. My hubby and I had no problems. I used to know someone that kept going to the doctor to be inseminated. She miscarried each pregnancy. I have had one miscarriage, and just don't know where she got the strength to keep trying.

koyn said...

Nice list. Made me smile.

Whitney said...

Thanks for sharing your story and all of this health-related information. I'm not at a point in my life financially where I can plan for a baby just yet (although EVERYONE keeps asking WHEN?) But, I've been trying to read up on everything baby-related for the moment my husband and I actually start trying... :) Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Definitely consuming

Kristi77 said...

This is great