Monday, May 11, 2009

Finding something out you did not know!

Have you ever found out something about your self that you did not know and wish you had known? I was filling out all the paperwork for the appointment with Doc. H and called my Mom to get the history questions answered. Let me tell you I found out I have more things in my past history that are big red flags. I just did not know about them. I found out that I had pneumonia from the age of 2 days old off and on until I was 4 years old!!! Can you believe I had no idea of this?? Talk about information I should have known.

I found out that in my family history I have loads of problems as well. :( At least now I know a complete background of everything going on health wise in my family. Let me see here hhhhmmmmm
I did not know that my Mom had a miscarriage before she had my brother. I knew my Dad had cancer. I did not know my grandmother and Mother both have thyroid problems. I did not know my Mom has blood clotting disorders. Which I should have known due to the MTHFR. I knew my mother has diabetes but, I never knew my grandmother has it as well. Both my grandfather on my mom and my dad's side had heart disease. It is amazing what you learn from filling out a 10 page medical history report for the RE. At least now I know all this information and maybe just maybe it will help Doc. H help me to conceive and hold a baby to term. Which I have not been able to do since my son was born. He is almost 9 and I can not believe he is getting so big. I look into his eyes and I can still see my little Boober taking his first steps.

Today I am praying for all my blogger friends and there little ones (grow little babies your Mommies love you so much). It must be the year of miracles. So many are prego right now and I am supper happy for each and everyone of them. :) It gives me hope and shows that God is such an AWESOME God. Miracles do happen I am just waiting for mine. :)

Baby Dust to ALL!!!


UnicornMommy said...

Jennifer, you have an amazing outlook. I'm in awe.

Amazing what you learn from your mom. I miss that stuff from my mom. My mom had already passed when I discovered all my IF issues. I wish I could have talked to her. Man she was so fertile. Five kids, including a set of twins, and a fifth baby after her tubes were tied.

I always worried about the gap between Bug and potential baby number two. Now not so much. A baby is a blessing. No matter when it comes.

God bless you Jen.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Its really good that you found out all that info.. it can never hurt to have more info for the dr. concerning TTC, even if it isn't good news, sometimes it can help in finding problems. And then lead to you finally getting preg. & having a healthy baby:)
praying for you..


Jen said...


I am so excited to tell you that you are a winner of a blog makeover from the crazy eights giveaway!! Your persistence paid off!!!

Stop by my blog to see how to contact me so we can get started!!! Yay!!!!

Jennifer said...


I am super excited!! I never win anything :) I WON I WON I WON :) :) :)


RamblingMother said...

stopping by from SITS.