Friday, May 15, 2009

That old Funk

You know how you get into one of those old funks and can not seem to get anything done? Well I was in one for about a week. Now that I am out of it I am looking around and DANG!!!! My house is a WRECK!!! I have been doing laundry all day and picking up toys. They are everywhere. Boober has found new places to stick stuff. I have not told him to clean his room in a week so you can imagine it looks like a BOMB went off in there. LOL So now I am running around trying to make this place look 1/2 way decent today. LOL Lots of work!

I got all the paper work done for my RE appointment and now I am just waiting for the 26th to get here. I am not a big fan of waiting. LOL

I have a new hobby. It is Digi Scrapbooking with photoshop elements. I even made a blog about it. Which is awesome cas I never do anything for me. I tend to forget to stop and just do something for me. Which is important we all know. But easier said than done. Which we all know that as well!!

At least I have not forgotten to take my meds. (Due to the fact I have sticky notes on every place I can think of with a reminder.) I home school my son which I am not sure if I mentioned before and we can not wait for summer to start so we can have a break. Boober is ADHD and getting through his lessons some days is really hard. But we manage to get it all done. Bobber is going to be making a money jar tomorrow and decorating it. It is the pool fund. For every book he reads and tells us what the story is about he gets money to put in his pool fund. Once there is enough money in the jar I will take him for a pool day. Somewhere fun like Breakers Water Park. He is super excited about that. :)

I will have an update on how Baby Ava is doing soon. I am going to be calling her Dad tonight.

Well there went the buzzer on the washer. Time to transfer the clothing to the dryer and start another load going in the wash. A Moms work is never done.

Baby Dust to everyone :)


Nicki and Mathis said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day!! My house is a wreck right now too... lol! How great that you've started digi scrapbooking!

Kristin said...

I can't believe you call your soon Boober. That's totally what we call our little man. It's even transitioned to McBoober. The hubs sings the McGruber theme song (from SNL) to him. Too funny.

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

I don't likethe funk either.. Hopefully you'll feel better once you feel everything is in order:)

About your little boy- I can understand more than you know in some ways... I have a 9 yr lil bro. He has "ADD"(attention problems) & "Dyslexia"(has problems reading EX). No one can know how hard it is on parents that deal with things like this.

Fortunatly for my little bro. they started a 2 yr school program near by for children with Dyslexia. Its credited and all teachers are certified & have extra collage training just for this:)

in public school they didn't even think anything was wrong with him.. Thank God we know what is wrong now.. So that we can get him the help that he needs.. Public schools do not know how to teach these children... if they remained there they would have been eventually put in a "special class" because they could'nt keep up. Get this though.. thats not at all where they belong, many and most of these kids have above average IQ's and Gifted IQ's. There VERY VERY Smart they just learn differently

Sorry for writing you a book... I just feel very strongly about this!!!

I commend you for giving your child what he needs:)

WhiteSockGirl said...

My house is a WRECK!!!LMAO,.. Ah, I had one of those weeks,.. couple of weeks back when my nephew and niece visited.

Have a great SITs weekend!

UnicornMommy said...

Looking around my house is a mess did that happen? huh.

I have an LD. I know how hard it is to learn just simple things. And when I am tired it gets worse. So far it looks like bug has his daddy's brilliant mind...that is good.

yeah to you mom's who says just getting by isnt enough. a lot of teachers are tired. they dont want to deal with the extra support special children need.

twondra said...

I hear ya about the house. :) I'm in that same boat.

I always admire people who home school. That's gotta be so tough to do.

Jen said...

Love your new blog look!! Heehee!! It won't be long until you have your own design!! I am going to get started on it this weekend! Love the pool Fund idea, so cute! Hoppe you're having a good weekend!!


Little Lady Cakes said...

Digiscrap is so much fun.

I can relate about funk and ruddy days too. I'm happy you're out of it!

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

What a great idea with the pool fund. Of course, I'm biased about anything that encourages kids to read more.

(came over from SITS - you commented above me today)

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

- Margaret