Thursday, August 20, 2009

Checking HCG Levels again

I went to check my HCG levels today and I will find out the results tomorrow. On Tuesday I went in and had the HCG levels checked and they were 50. So I need them to come back at least 100. I am so nervous!!!

When I got to the lab this morning I was the first one there. I was thinking this is GREAT. I will be out of here in no time. Not the case. That is what I get for thinking!! Well the lab lost my blood work order that the Doctor sent over. I was like "How do you lose someones blood work order? It was just sent yesterday at 11:00 am." She told me the fax machine must have glitched and they would not do the blood work without the order. So I got on the phone and called my Doctor. He called me right back and asked to speak to the lab technician. I handed her my phone and she told my Doctor "I am sorry but I can not take the blood work order over the phone you have to re fax it." Then she handed me back the phone. My Doctor was so upset with them. He apologised to me and I told him it was OK. About 2 hours later I got a call from the Doctor's office and they re faxed the blood work order and called the lab to make sure they had it. She asked me to go back to the lab and get the blood drawn. So back to the lab I went and thank God they had the paper work this time. So I had the blood draw and headed for home to start our home schooling session with Boober for the day.

I am so tired. It feels like all the energy has been drained out of me. LOL I have had morning sickness for the last week and I have tossed my cookies once already. Which is all wonderful and I am not complaining one little bit. LOL I got my progesterone and I am taking that every morning.

Sticky Baby Sticky Baby!!!! (I have been saying that over and over in my head.)

Baby Dust to ALL!!!!


Dawn said...

Will be praying for high numbers!!!

UnicornMommy said...

praying for high numbers...

My doc said that the lab had a tendency to lose lab slips, so in addition to the one they faxed them she gave me a copy...that way I had one just in case...

Ask for a copy next time just in case. It will save you the trips. man I would have been ripped if I had to go back.

Looking forward to hearing about your numbers.