Thursday, October 29, 2009

To remember my Little One

I made this little video for a memorial to my little Pea.

Baby Dust to all!!!


Dawn said...

Oh Jennifer it is beautiful!! What a wonderful tribute to your lost little one. I hope that you are getting stronger so that you may continue on this journey until you are blessed with your little miracle.

twondra said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Valerie said...

Hi Jennifer.

I am sorry that your heart is aching right now...your video tribute was beautiful.

I miscarried last December; baby dated 8 weeks, but I carried until 11. I too required an emergency D&C...sometimes the body is just inefficient at loss...:(

Unfortunately, my husband and I deal with male-factor infertility and now my age (40). Due to our infertility isues, we too only get pregnant about once a each loss is devastating.

I read this quote on a miscarriage website and this quote (paraphrased from Bill Cosby) that keeps me going...

"My desire to have a baby outweighs my fear of miscarriage." (His was something out the desire for success outweighs the fear of failure.)

Unfortunatley for me, I think that my time has run pregnancy has occurred since my D&C last December and I turned 40 in August. I haven't quite thrown in the towel yet, but I do grasp the reality of my situation.

I do have 2 in vitro miracle after our first 4 losses and then a surprise bonus baby after that! I have lots and lots of hope for you!

My RE once told me, "we rather see patients that can conceive on their own and lose, than those that have never ever had a conception." "Typically, we can fix the problem of repeated losses; it's the failure to ever conceive that is more tricky."

Sorry so long winded, but I was very touched as I read thru your more recent posts.

Wishing you lots of luck and baby dust,

UnicornMommy said...



Catherine said...

i send you all my friendship. CATHERINE

Dana said...

So beautiful.