Sunday, November 8, 2009

Any Suggestions????

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can raise money for infertility treatments? I make beaded jewelry and was thinking about selling necklaces and bracelets. Is that a good idea? Just one round of IVF will cost $9000.00. In January my RE wants to start me on Clomid to increase the chances of ovulation. Due to my PCOS I do not ovulate regularly. Any suggestions would really help.

Thank you all!

Baby Dust to ALL!!


Renee said...

Rob a bank...I dont think they would mind if you said Please! give me all your money....My mom always said manners go a long way.

twondra said...

I think selling your jewelry is a wonderful idea! I've sold baby blankets and it's been great. I have a separate account just for raising money for our peanut fund.

I also sell Avon and that goes towards the peanut fund.

We also had a huge garage sale to raise money and we raised a ton. people were so generous, too, as we got a ton of donations and still have a bedroom full. We raised about $1200.

People want to help and want to get rid of their stuff so we found the garage sale was a wonderful way. :)

Good luck!!!

Rach said...

The jewelry business sounds good. Sell stuff on craigslist or ebay. We've brought in about $1,500 this year by selling stuff. Other than that, just cutting non necessary expenses (dining out, entertainment) or getting a second job. Maybe just ask family for money instead of a Christmas gift? Every little bit counts. I'm not sure if there are any charities out there that help with it?

Nicole said...

I think the jewelry making is a GREAT idea!!
Also just an idea but we had talked about if we didn't get PG before christmas we would just ask for money for x-mas and tell everyone we were doing less this year.