Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day with hubby and son!

Today was a good day. We slept in till 12 and then loaded the car with model rockets. We then went way out in the desert and played with the rockets for most of the day. Super fun!! Boober and Hubby had a BLAST!!! We all hopped in the car and headed for the North Side. I wanted to go to the bead specialty store to pick up some stuff I needed. We got there and low and behold they had a ring mandrel!!! I am so super excited. I have been looking all over for one and now I have one. I will be making rings for my IVF fund site. I am having so much fun with the new tool. Can not wait to post the new rings on the site. Keep an eye out for them. I made a new button for the IVF fund site. If you would like to put the button on your blog the grab the code link is located on the left hand side of my blog and I thank you in advance for everyone who posts the button. All in all it was a super fun day! :)

Baby Dust to ALL and Sticky Dust as well!! (I know I could use lots of both.)

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twondra said...

So glad you had a good day!!!

I'm definitely going to be buying some jewerly and helping you out. :) We're drawing names at Thanksgiving so I'll know then. Of course everyone has different tastes, so I have to wait, but I'll definitely be buying something. :)