Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An example of my craft.

I am posting some pictures of some of the jewelry that I made. Let me know if it is something that I can sell and if I should start making items to sell for my infertility treatment. Please be honest and tell me exactly what you think.




I am not sure why some of the pictures turned to the side, but here are some of the items I have made.

Baby Dust to ALL!!


cheryllookingforward said...

My favorite is the necklace. I see people selling this type of jewelery this time of year at Craft fairs and Christmas Bazaars. Could you get enough done to get a table at something like that?

Jennifer said...

Not sure if I can get enough for a table at a craft fair but I have several peaces that I will be adding to a new hope blog I am making. I am making it now and will have it up soon.