Thursday, January 28, 2010


 Thank you so much Tammy you are AWESOME!!
The rules are simple - just give 7 fun facts about you and then nominate 7 people for the beautiful blogger award.

1. I have always been hyper even as a kid. I could never sit still. Now I know how my Mom felt. My little big man Boober is the same way.

2. My hubby is a deputy with the sheriff's department and Boober makes his lunch sometimes. He came home the other day and was telling me Boober made him bread sandwiches. I said WHAT and he showed me the bread with this super thin line of peanut butter on it. Poor guy. LOL

3. When my hair is long I want to cut it short but when it is short I can not wait for it to grow out. I guess I am never happy when it comes to my hair.

4. I am from Mississippi. Growing up we learned how to spell the state like this: M, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, crooked letter, crooked letter, I, hump back, hump back, I
It must have worked I still remember that to this day. LOL

5. My most favorite TV series ever is Charmed.

6. I am addicted to making jewelry.

7. I love my online friends. Y'all are AWESOME and I always know you understand me even when I just want to vent. YOU ROCK!!

I'm nominating the following:

UnicornMommy   After a long road of secondary infertility she now has her wonderful little girl Hannah. Super fantastic person and a great Mom!

Nicole She is 26 weeks pregnant with a little girl. Very sweet and her blog is a joy.

Mary She just had her bouncing baby boy! Super sweet.

Stacie Having a hard time with infertility. She is an AWESOME person and I enjoy her blog very much.

Bottoms off and on the Table Super great person and a joy to read her blog. Go give her love she needs it.

Domestic Dork Her blog is funny and well put together. She also has an Etsy store like I do. Sharing the love is always better. :)

Baby Makin(g) Machine She is now 18 weeks pregnant! She is super funny and runs contests on her blog for infertility related giveaways.

I wish I could give this blog award to all the blogs that I follow. It is so hard to choose you are all fantastic.

Baby Dust to ALL!!


Renee said...

LOL. thanks for the award...

but how do I nominate anyone when you hogged almost all of our shared blogger friends. hehehe


Have you ever tried to wink and stick your tongue out at the same time...not easy.

Stacie said...

Hey, Jennifer! Thank you for the award! You are far too kind. (blush)

P.S. I am from CA--born and raised--and I learned to spell Mississippi the same way! :-)

Nicole said...

Gee, thanks so much for the award!! As soon as I figure out how to post it on my blog I will. Should I maybe just copy onto my computer and then put it like I would a picture?

Jennifer said...

Yes just copy the picture to your computer and then attach it just like posting a picture to your blog post. Hope that helps :)

twondra said...

That's really cute about Boober making hubby's lunch. Too cute. :)