Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!

I am in high hopes that this year will be a good year. A year that all dreams come true. I am praying for a fantastic year. The best ever!! Last year was so hard this one has to be better right?? Give me a SHOUT OUT I love comments!! :)

Jewelry for Hope
ALL orders made in January will receive a surprise FREE gift with your order. I will also be announcing a free giveaway just for my blog so keep an eye out for the upcoming contest!!!

If you are not following my other blog this is a great time to add it to your favorites so you will get all the new updates and a chance to win an AWESOME FREE gift!! To enter the contest no purchase is necessary. I will be announcing the contest in the next 2 days. :-)

Here is just one of my new products I will be offering.

Click on the picture to see a larger image!!!

BABY Dust to ALL!!!!


Dawn said...

Praying that 2010 brings you all the joy you most definitely deserve!!!

Rach said...

Very Pretty!

I too have high hopes for 2010. Happy New Year!

twondra said...

I know I commented before but I'm going to comment again for others that may not have seen my other comment.

I HIGHLY recommend this jewelry. Jennifer does such a wonderful job. The prices are extremely reasonable and they are high quality. I was very impressed.

As soon as I get these starter earrings out, I'll be ordering more earrings. :) And with Mother's Day coming up and stuff, it's perfect to be able to help someone else out and get good jewelry at a very reasonable cost.

Nicole said...

Happy New Year to you too!! And wishing all your dream comes true this year.

Stacie said...

May 2010 be your year. Happy (belated) New Year!

That is a beautiful necklace. You are so talented!