Saturday, May 1, 2010

Are we forgetting our DH when TTC?

Are we forgetting our DH (dear husband) when TTC (trying to conceive)?

Now I know we know they are there. We need them to do that baby dance. LOL
What I mean is are we forgetting that TTC is hard on our DH as well?Lets see some of the things that they worry about.
The pressure to preform on demand.
I bet it is hard for them when we are telling them things like: "Come on lets do this real quick the stick says I am ovulating." "We need to do it now I am ovulating and that egg does not stick around long." "No time for foreplay we are TTC." "Get over here so we can baby dance."
I am sure there are tons more but you get the idea.
When we start TTC the fun leaves and it becomes a have to instead of a want to. As a woman I am thinking about ovulation, body temperature, posture, best position for fertilization, and much more. You know they realize they are only a tool in this mind set. I think it is best for us to stop and think about bringing the love and play back into the bed room and taking some of the pressure off. This will lower the level of stress we all feel. You know DH picks up on the stress. Take a day and spend it romancing you man and tell him how much he means to you. He is a part of this struggle to conceive as much as we are. Face it ladies we need our DH and we love them very much.

Baby Dust to ALL!!


twondra said...

Very well put. Thanks for the reminder. :) (((HUGS)))

Dawn said...

Excellent advice. This was one of our biggest issues when TTC. Hubby shared his feelings about it after we were pregnant and I never realized.