Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Job Starting Monday

Well I start my new job on Monday and I have to say I am getting a bit nervous. LOL I know I can do the job that is not a problem at all. It is just the meeting new people and being in a new place. I have a bunch of ideas to make things easier for everyone in the office. I have been in talks with the boss and she is excited to get me started and going. With as much computer knowledge as I have and my web building capabilities I know I am going to be super busy at work. It has been a bit since I was in a office but I am sure I will fit right in. WOW I can not believe I have butterflies. Wish me luck everyone.

On a side note I will be adding a giveaway to my Jewelry blog so keep an eye out. :)

Baby Dust to ALL!!!

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Dawn said...

Starting a new job is always scary. Hope things go well!