Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Today's Thoughts

What is it about being in an office with a bunch of women and drama? I for one hate drama. I would rather go swimming in a vat of acid than to have drama around me. It causes undue stress. If you are in this situation is it really worth it? My husband wants me to continue to work for this company, but I can think of many reasons that it is best to walk away. Sure the owners say how needed I am, they say they are so happy to have me, and they say how much I am worth to them. But, if I am worth so much then why is it that I am told that due to them spending too much money on a home they just bought I am not getting a raise. Also I busted my but and stayed late every night doing data entry for them on the new software program. You know what? I did not even get overtime for all that overtime work. I was told sorry the family does not pay overtime so it will be paid at your regular hourly rate. That is against labor laws!! Come on!! I for one am done busting my but for a company that will not even pay me for what I am worth. They also want me to train everyone on the new program. WHY?? So I can get nothing in return! Not me! My eyes are now OPEN!! Sorry for all the fussing I just needed to get things off my chest.

What do you think of this situation??

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