Monday, August 20, 2012

Review of Brewer-Caldwell Property Management Inc.

In this post I will be reviewing Brewer-Caldwell Property Management Inc. I was displaced from my home due to a fire and my insurance company placed us in a rental home managed by Brewer-Caldwell. When we moved in the first thing we noticed was mold in the refrigerator. I called Monica at the Brewer-Caldwell location. There was no answer so I then called the company that placed us in the house. After a call to them a cleaning person was sent out to remove the mold from the refrigerator. When we tried to use the garage light and the wall unit it was not working. I called and left a message for Monica to get the issue fixed. After receiving no response from Brewer-Caldwell I get a phone call from a repair man to fix the garage fixtures. He arrived and had to replace parts in the unit to get it to work. Then I start to hear this god awe full sound coming from the garage, it was the water heater and all the faucets in the house were backwards (hot is cold and cold is hot). So I called Monica at Brewer-Caldwell and did not get an answer yet again. I then placed a call to the company that placed us in the house. After that call I got a phone call from a plumber to come look at the water heater. During this time I was going thru the house and filling out the move-in check list. I then noticed roaches in the kitchen and noted it on the move in check list. I then faxed the move-in check list to Brewer-Caldwell. I called and informed Monica that I had faxed in the move-in check list and I would be mailing the original the very next day. I faxed a copy of the mail in checklist to the company that placed us in the home to make sure they had a copy as well. The plumber arrives and informs us that the water heater is full of calcium build up and needed to be replaced. He did not even look at the faucets but he did fix a BAD leek in the kitchen sink. I was told he would check with Brewer-Caldwell about approval to replace the water heater. I then noticed more roaches in the kitchen. I called Monica again about all the issues with no answer. I left a voice mail and I sent an e-mail about the roach situation. No reply was made to my e-mail. I tried to run a load of dishes thru the dishwasher and it would not work. All it was doing was getting really hot and no water would spray. I called the company that placed us in the house and informed them of the situation. They contacted Brewer-Caldwell to get it fixed. It took 2 visits from the repair man to fix the issue with the dishwasher. After a few days of waiting for a reply and receiving none I then called the company that placed us in the house. After I made the call my phone rings and it is the elusive Monica from Brewer-Caldwell she tells me that a pest guy will be calling to come treat for the roaches. I asked had she spoken to the plumber and she informed me as long as there was hot water it did not matter what noise was coming out of the water heater they were not going to replace it.The pest guy comes and tells me the roaches are German Roaches and they will go into hiding while the water is turned off and resurface once the water is turned back on. This made perfect since. Since the roaches were in the house when we moved in we were not to be charged to remove them. Now keep in mind we were displaced due to a fire. We left our home with nothing but the clothing on our backs. We went to Wal-Mart and purchased new clothing to wear. The displacement housing company hired a company to furnish the rental and provide all the towels and sheets for the rental. The only thing we brought with us was our grey cat. As you all know roaches do not hitch hike on cats so there is NO way we brought the roaches with us. I have an infant and there is no way I will tolerate roaches. A month after the pest control person came and treated we get a bill for the bug guy. Can you believe they are trying to charge me for the removal of the roaches????!!! I called Monica and I got her on the phone this time. She tells me they never received our move-in checklist. I told her I faxed and mailed it to her. I even mailed it in the envelope they provided me when we picked up the keys. She denies it again and I informed her that I also faxed it to the company that placed us in the house and they have a copy of it. She was very rude to me on the phone and accused us of bringing the roaches with us. I informed her there was no way we brought them with us. She then said you are telling me your family had no furniture in the house and you slept on the floor. The nerve!!! I told her the company provided us with furniture and told her what the bug guy told me when he came. She refused to take the fee off our account. So I filed a complaint with the BBB and reported this to them. Then I called the manager of the Monica lady. The manager tells me they will not be charging me for the pest control and that will be taken off the account. She also told me they would honor the move-in check list that I sent to the displacement location company that placed us in the house. So we move out of the house and are back home and I get to thinking I have not received anything from Brewer-Caldwell about our security deposit so I hop in the car and ride over to the property and check the mail in the box. I gave Brewer-Caldwell our home address but yet there was a letter in the box from them at the rental property that we had moved out of. In this letter they charged me for the pest control and took the money out of my security deposit!!!! Can you believe the crap we have been though with this company and during a really hard time in our lives as it was? Displaced due to a fire and getting screwed up the wazoo by Brewer-Caldwell. This is a horrible company and I would NOT recommend them for nothing!!! After looking online there are others that have had problems with this company. Please listen when I tell you to STAY AWAY from this company.

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Anonymous said...

Brewer-Caldwell is no longer. Maybe, Caldwell left because he got religion. Anyway, it is now Brewer-Stratton. But don't expect any change. They must sit up at night figuring out how to create new charges. Subtracting the Pest Fee at the end seems very typical of B-C. They probably charged the owner for the Pest Co and the Plumber. After all, if you have bill,why not send to both tenant and owner?

Jennifer said...

Here in Arizona they are still Brewer-Caldwell. I am still fighting them to get the money back.