Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fighting a Cold

Yesterday I woke up and I felt like death warmed over. Today is not much better. Why is it no mater what we do we still get sick? I am in the process of editing my entire artfire studio and now I can not breath and my eyes are burning. My baby girl wants me to play with her but I do not want to chance her catching whatever this cold crap is. Telling a 16 month old that Mommy can not play right now is heart breaking. Then my 12 year old will not leave me alone and wants to keep hugging me. I keep telling him to stay back that Mom is sick but it is doing no good. I have a feeling this time next week I am going to be nursing 2 sick kids. That is not going to be fun. I am just hopping they do not feel the way I do right now. What a way to spend the weekend!! I hope everyone else out there is feeling good and if you are sick right along with me I wish you a super fast recovery!!

Baby Dust to ALL!!!

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