Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Joys of Sleepless Nights

There are lots of people in this world that think there way is always the right way. But to be perfectly honest there is no right way of doing things. There is no right way to parent. Now do not get me wrong there are wrong ways. But I am not going to be talking about child abuse in this post. I want to talk about sleeping issues. No child is the same, every child is different. One way might work for one Mom and will not work for another. Like the issue of letting a child cry it out. Now that may be great for some it is NOT an all inclusive method. My hubby thinks cry it out is a good way to sleep train. I on the other hand feel differently. I do not like this method. I feel if my child wakes from sleep due to a night terror I will not let my baby think that she is all alone in the dark with her fears. I will go to her. I will cuddle her and tell her everything is ok. Yes I may be sleep deprived but she will always know I am there for her no matter what. I will be that Mom that has bags under her eyes if that is what it takes to reassure my baby girl that she is not alone in her times of need. Others may say I am teaching her not to sleep. That is ok. The Cry it Out method might work for some but not for me and my baby. My sweet girl will scream for hours and will not give up. She will make herself sick from crying and not give up. That tells me something is wrong and she needs me and I will be there for her. Some babies will cry for 10 to 20 minutes and then lay down and go to sleep others will not. It is ok to share what works for you but do not get offended if a Mother tells you thank you but that is not the right fit for them. Like I said just because it works for one child does not mean it will work for every child. Yes there are many nights where I am frustrated from lack of sleep. But I do think about this, there will come a time when she does not need me. There will come a time when she does not want to cuddle and for me I want to treasure every minute of this time when she needs and wants me to be with her.

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