Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Hate Spam!

I am not sure why but as of late I have been getting more and more spam to my blog. I for one hate spam! That is why I have a filter in place that all comments posted must be approved first before they will show on my blog. I am sure most blogs have started using this kind of monitoring. If not I am sure they will before long. I am not at all sure why people feel the need to spam blogs like they do. Do they really think I am going to post that crap? I hope they would figure out that I have not and will never approve a comment that is spam. Some try to get away with putting some generic I like your post check out these bla bla bla...... That does not work. I read every post made to my blog and I am not going to approve that crap.

I do love my readers and every comment that is left by my readers I greatly cherish and thank you for the time you took to post me a comment. Those comments will always be approved as soon as I see them. I may not post everyday but I do check my blog every day for comments and communication.

Until Next Time :)
Baby Dust to ALL!!!